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Does your child feel intimidated
by a visit to the Dentist?

You need a "Friendly Dentist®"!

CHilds first visit to the dentist?

Friendly Dentists™ are kid friendly and have programs and methods that cater directly to kids so their first visit to the dentist is not intimidating.

CHild afraid to go to the dentist?

Your Friendly Dentist knows how to dispel the fear that children often have about going to the dentist. The Friendly Dentist has educational materials specifically designed to help put your child at ease for their dental visit.

child scared of dental instruments? 

Often young children are scared of the common dental instruments used by your dentist because of their sight or sound. Friendly Dentist has a unique video and coloring book prepared specifically to help the child overcome this fear.

find a friendly dentistJust for kids

just for kids

friendly dentist video and coloring book

friendly dentist video

The Friendly Dentist video is designed specifically for your childs first visit to the dentist. The video will help to dispel their fears of dental instruments and procedures in a cute and light-hearted way so they will look forward to their first dental visit.

watch the video

friendly dentist coloring book

The Friendly Dentist coloring book reinforces the Friendly Dentist video  and provides a playful way to educate your child on what to expect with their first visit to the dentist.

download the coloring book

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are you a child friendly dentist? Join the friendly dentist network
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Benefits of Joining the Friendly Dentist Network:

- Friendly Dentist receives inquiries every month from consumers searching for a Child Friendly Dentist in their area. 
Being a member of the Friendly Dentist Network means your practice will be highlighted by the inquiries we receive from prospective patients in your area.

- Our member dentists receive a free, search engine optimized page on FriendlyDentist.com that highlights and promotes your practice as a Child Friendly Dentist and links to your website. This may help you receive more traffic from those interested in finding a child friendly dentist in your area.

- Inquiries in your area will be forwarded to your special page where they can learn more about your child friendly dental practice and contact you directly.

- Dentist members of the Friendly Dentist Network can place the Friendly Dentist badge on their website letting their visitors know they are a Member of the Friendly Dentist network and are child friendly. The badge helps impart trust to your visitors and reinforces their search for a child friendly dentist in their area.

- Receive free use of the Friendly Dentist Childrens Video. The Friendly Dentist Childrens Video is entertaining and educational and helps prepare the child for their first dental visit to remove their anxiety and fear.

- Gain access to Friendly Dentist Childrens Material including coloring books, balloons and more!

- Joining the Friendly Dentist Network is totally FREE, including all of the benefits above!